Muhammad Ali Effendy is an award-winning designer with a decade's worth of experience. He has been passionate about design and art since his teenage years and has successfully channelled that passion into a fulltime profession. His passion can be traced back to the time when he would be mesmerised at the mere sight of different logos. Over the years, Effendy has worked with clients from all over the globe, as evident from his portfolio.

Currently based in Dubai, UAE. Effendy is working in collaboration from clients belonging to different continents and has successfully managed all their creative branding work with ease.

As far as Effendy’s design sense is concerned, he aspires for perfection in his designs, which he achieves by incorporating simplicity in his work, nothing too over-the-top. While Effendy’s expertise cover the whole lot of designing, typography is where he excels the most.

Specialising in brand identities, you can rest assure that he will manage your branding strategy to the utmost of his strengths through compelling artistry. Trust Effendy as your creative partner and witness your brand’s transformation into a full-fledged identity within a short time.

Awards & Publications

  • Best of Nation - WOLDA '10
  • LogoLounge 10
  • LogoLounge 9
  • Smashing Logo Design: The Art of Creating Visual Identities
  • Logopond V1
  • Logo Nest 02
  • Logo Nest 01
  • Spin the Web: Building a Career Online
  • Logo Design 3 By Zeixs Publishing
  • iheartlogos

Get in touch

I am always interested in new projects and ideas. If you have an interesting project in mind, do not hesitate to contact me and figure out how I can help.